What is the white gold?

Se denomina oro blanco a una aleación de oro y algún otro metal blanco, por lo general níquel, manganeso o paladio, muchas veces recubierta de rodio de alto brillo (acabado espejo),debido al brillo ligeramente apagado del metal resultante en algunas mezclas.
It designates  white gold to an alloy of gold and some another white metal, generally nickel, manganese or palladium, many times recubierta of rodio of tall shine (finished mirror),because of the slightly turn# off shine of the resultant metal in some mixes.
This alloy is very used in jewellery, especially like cheap alternative for the platinum, as it costs a third of what would cost the same quantity of this.

The properties of the white gold depend according to the metals and proportions used. Thus they can use alloys of white gold for uses very diverse; whereas an alloy with nickel is very hard and resistant and therefore adapted to manufacture rings and dijes, the alloys of gold-palladium are soft, malleable and good for engarzar lovely stones; sometimes together with other metals such like copper, silver and platinum to augment the weight and the durability, although this requires of the work of an orfebre skilled. A very wide form in the industry to describe the diverse alloys of gold with a whitish tone. It is an erroneous belief that the colour of the coating of rodio, that presents in a lot of jewels, was the colour of the white gold. The white "term" spans a wide spectre of tonalities that go of the yellow clear, amarronado and until a very clear pink. Often the industry of the jewellery masks distinct colours of the target with a coating of rodio.

A common formula of white gold is 90 % weight of gold and 10 % weight of nickel.​ If it adds copper obtains a more malleable metal.

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